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Quit Smoking in 9 Steps – Jeff Mac

Quit Smoking in 9 Steps – will give you a short and useful, nine-step action plan, that will help you quit smoking today. You will learn easy and effective methods that will help you quit smoking cigarettes. Download Here

Growing up Tobacco Free

Tobacco use kills more people than any other addiction and we know that addiction starts in childhood and youth. We all agree that youths should not smoke, but how can this be accomplished? What prevention messages will they find compelling? What effect does tobacco advertising–more than $10 million worth every day–have on youths? Can we

You Can Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Quickly and Safely In the last twenty or so years, smoking has lost the popularity that it once held for many people in nearly every demographic in the world. Suddenly, smoking is not as “cool” as it once was.  Smoking has now become increasing less popular and is not allowed in many countries in