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The Top Ten Ways to Drive Your Wife Crazy : And How to Avoid Them

Presenting the online edition of this excellent Christian book about how husbands often antagonize their wives instead of being one who models his leadership in the family. They fell madly in love the summer of ’74 and after a short courtship were married a year later. It was soon after that Hans realized that he

Easy Tips for Saving Your Marriage

Have you ever heard of the “sanctity” of marriage, and wondered what it was? What is that anyway? I mean, it is a nice word, but not one that you can easily pronounce, or remember for that matter, eh? How about you think of marriage as “sacred” instead. The term sacred connotes something you want to protect, something

Secrets of an Amazing Marriage

Staying in love takes commitment. This is why we have marriage vows during wedding ceremonies. Remember the vows you made? Assuming yours was a fairly traditional ceremony, you pledged to “forsake all others” and stay with your mate “in sickness or in health, poverty or wealth” – “until death you do part.” Now, here’s the

Mending The Marriage

In this Book I will guide you towards making your marriage a healthier and happy relationship. You need to know that mending your marriage is very important to live a healthy and prosperous life because I have seen people who screw up their marriage but they not only screw their marriage instead when marriage is

Improving Your Marriage

Remember back to your wedding day. I’m not talking about just the ceremony and reception. I want you to remember how you felt. Think back to looking into the eyes of your intended spouse and how happy you were. Your marriage was going to last forever. You were sure of that much. Because this man