How to Create Your Future

Untitled-1First, pick a goal that is just beyond your comfort level. Many motivational teachers will urge you to shoot for the stars, think incredibly big, and go for goals which are ten times as large as anything you’ve ever accomplished. This may work well for people who are alreadyconfident in their power to manifest, but for the beginner, or for the person who has not had much success using mind power, the idea of thinking outrageously big is a disaster.

For example, if you haven’t had a date in three years you don’t want to visualize yourself
scoring with bunnies at the Playboy mansion. In theory all goals are definitely achievable,
but in your reality you probably don’t really believe it’s possible, so it won’t happen.
Instead, pick a goal which is reasonable and can be accomplished within a few months. In
this example, you might want to have just one date in the next three months. Not nearly as
thrilling of a goal, but a fantastic step towards a better life. Download Here


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