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Free eBooks - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an eBook?

An ebook is an electronic book, one you read digitally on your computer or laptop screen or on devices called ebook readers. See Wikipedia for more info.

2. How do I download the eBooks?

To download an ebook, simply click on the ebook title. This will start the download or take you to a page with downloading instructions. Alternatively you can right-click on the link and select "Save Target As" to save the file in your desired location in I.E. and "Save Link As" in Firefox. This is especially useful if you are downloading PDF format.

Note: All ebook downloads should be checked for viruses with the latest version of your anti-virus software as the majority of the ebooks listed in the Directory are hosted on other servers and we cannot guarantee that they are virus free.

3. Do I Need Special Software to Read an eBook?

The most popular format is PDF (Portable Document Format) from Adobe. This is a cross - platform format which can be read on a PC, Mac or Linux/Unix machines. You just need to get a copy of the free reader from Adobe at

Additionally, you will find ebooks in straight HTML format which can be viewed using any Web Browser.

Ascii Text is popular because it can be viewed in any text editor.

Many eBooks are also compressed in (ZIP) format, so you will need a copy of Winzip (Shareware) or Stuffit for the MAC to unzip them.

4. How do I submit an eBook?

For details on how to have your eBook listed in the Directory Click Here

5. Where can I find information on publishing my own eBooks?

For details on how to publish your own eBooks, check out the ebook publishing and software resources section in the Directory Click Here

6. Can I give away the Free eBooks on my site?

In most cases yes, check the copyright notice on the individual ebooks and if in doubt contact that author.


If you have any questions about this site, you can contact us here.

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