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Four Square Less One
A collection of fantasy and science fiction short stories, arranged as a mystic square, by the author of "New Bridge to Lyndesfarne"
Current Number of Votes: 27
Current Rating: 9.74

Review By: Phil Elland
Liked Itch. Loved How to Impersonate a UFO. Can't wait to read the rest
Date: 2009-6-16

Review By: ONIM
Date: 2010-4-16

Review By: Phil Elland
Finally got around to reading them all. Good stuff - recommended.
Date: 2010-7-11

Review By: shyam
Date: 2011-11-18

Review By: Sue Tyler
Loved the short stories! Lots of common interest in your ideas and writing styles. Often ask myself...what entirely new directions. Ready for more stories!
Date: 2015-5-4

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