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PROSPER by Charles Fillmore

It is perfectly logical to assume that a wise and competent Creator would provide for the needs of His creatures in their various stages of growth. The supply would be given as required and as the necessary effort for its appropriation was made by the creature. Temporal needs would be met by temporal things, mental

Live The Life You Know You Deserve

The buzz about abundance is spreading just like wildfire. And it is about time that you need to wake up and have a deeper understanding about yourself and about who you truly are. In addition to that, you should also be aware about what you’re capable of doing and learn about the limitless resources that

Stress Free Is The Way To Be

By definition stress is our emotional and physical reaction to pressure that is put upon us in a constant fashion. Stress is our response to life’s constant strains. Our bodies respond to stress by sending chemicals through our blood as response triggers. Stress refers to our reaction to events and situations we feel we cannot

Fall in Love With Life

This is your one and only life – are you fully, deeply, completely head over heels in love with it, or are you wondering what happened to your dreams, your joy and your mojo? No matter what’s happening in your life, you can start to fall in love with it right now, even if it’s

How to Read Human Nature

This book is a guide to human body language, personality, character, and qualities. It takes reading body language and voice inflection for meaning to the next level, analyzing such elements as mental qualities, emotive qualities, relative qualities, and perceptive qualities in the human brain, reminding one of the study of phrenology. Download  How to Read

The Heart of Abundance

The Heart of Abundance is a free “best of” collection. Discover more abundance, encouragement, and simplicity in your life. Quotes, meditations, prayers, and instant inspiration help you create a life you enjoy and enjoy the life you have. New second edition features additional excerpts and material from new books by Candy Paul. Download “The Heart


Assertiveness is one of the most important skills you can learn today. It changes the way you communicate, deal with conflict, and your own relationship with yourself. It is the gateway to confidence, respect, and self-esteem. As you will learn in this book, assertiveness is something you are born with and naturally good at. Download

The Master Key System

The Master Key System will teach you how to live a successful, rich, and balanced life.Before there was Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” or Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” Charles Haanel created The Master Key System. This book is the foundation of every personal development guru’s teachings. We’ve faithfully recreated the book in it’s original

Self-Worth 9 Minute Method

Who else wants to discover the secrets of how to Lose weight without even trying by spending only 9 Minutes a day using this simple method even a 5-year Old could do! Forget about shallow gimmicks that don’t take care of the REAL ISSUE that’s causing you to gain weight. The simple but extremely powerful

Stop Self Defeating Behaviors In 5 Steps

Feeling Fear? Self-conscious? Feeling Socially Awkward? Have Bad Habits? This Guide Is For You. People say that you have what it takes, that you got the brains, the looks, the skill and all the ingredients you need to be successful at what you do. We are, in the end, a sum of all our experiences and

How To Gain Confidence

Have you ever noticed someone who was not all that physically attractive but seemed to lure those of the opposite sex to them? Have you observed someone at work who didn’t really know that much about their job but was always getting raises? Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be able to

Easy Meditation

The dictionary defines meditation as “continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation.” So what does this mean in real life? Just what is this thing called meditation? Often we get overwhelmed in the course of our daily life. This can lead to stress and tensions that can ultimately affect our health. Using meditation on a regular basis gives our mind

Advanced Attraction

Inside this inspirational e-book you’ll find incredible wisdom distilled from numerous people who understand the principles of inside-out creation – metaphysical authors, life coaches and spiritual mentors who have a thing or two to share about tapping into the greater (unseen and, sometimes, undiscovered) Laws of the Universe. This book will show you how the

Goal Realization

Achieving goals takes effort, principals, values, awareness, standards, will, and more, but most of all achieving goals require purpose. We all have goals in life and this includes each section of our life. For instance, if we decide to date we set up goals to achieve while considering other aspects of our lives. Sometimes those goals include high

Command And Control

Whether we realize it or not, we are responsible for creating and reshaping our lives. The entire things that become essential parts of our lives and the physical reality are actually first created within our minds from raw materials called thoughts. There’s a very slight difference between mantram and mantra. Both these words are actually

Friend Fundamentals

“No Man Is an Island”, this line extracted from Meditation XVII, by an English poet John Donne has been a very popular expression when talking about people’s connection from one another. Indeed, there is nobody who can live alone on this planet. That is why God created different form of relationships, such as friendship. Friendship

How to Create Your Future

First, pick a goal that is just beyond your comfort level. Many motivational teachers will urge you to shoot for the stars, think incredibly big, and go for goals which are ten times as large as anything you’ve ever accomplished. This may work well for people who are alreadyconfident in their power to manifest, but for the

The Science Of Getting Rich

THIS book is pragmatical, not philosophical; a practical manual, not a treatise upon theories. It is intended for the men and women whose most pressing need is for money; who wish to get rich first, and philosophize afterward. It is for those who have, so far, found neither the time, the means, nor the opportunity

Abundance Living Basics

You are actually a three dimensional being, and it’s a sad fact that most people have limited beliefs, spending their lives not knowing this fact. It’s not too late for you to realize that there’s more in life than all the material things, the skin, bones, and meat that you see. It is time for

Gratitude for Today

Developing an attitude of heartfelt and sincere Gratitude for all your current blessings unleashes the ultimate power for obtaining many more. Give thanks each day and you will see how being grateful for everything you have today can create great changes in your life. “Thank you” – these two simple words can change one’s life.